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Mar 6, 2017

Sempai Alysa Giudici - Episode 167

Remember to always be a role model. To always just be humble and work hard no matter if anyone's watching or not.

It was from a news article online that I first discovered Sempai Alysa Giudici. We've had some younger martial artists on the show, and she certainly fits that profile. Every one of them has a common thread, though - their dedication to martial arts far surpasses their years. Sempai Giudici showed a maturity in the news article that inspired me to reach out. We chatted a bit and I knew that she belonged on the show. Here we are.

Our conversation is both expected and unexpected. On the one hand, we have a passionate martial artist who has no trouble describing their love for what they do. On the other, her focus and dedication are not typical of individuals her age, even martial artists with years of training. She's an exceptional individual and someone I greatly enjoyed speaking with.

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