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Mar 13, 2017

Sensei Damion Lupo is a long-time Aikido practitioner, author and the founder of Yokido, a fusion of Yoga and Aikido.

Sensei Damion Lupo - Episode 169

"If I'm in on something, you better look out, because I'm going all the way to wherever it is."

It's funny how things happen, sometimes. I was practicing some self-defense with a friend a couple months back and we got to talking about Yoga. Our conversation steered towards the similarities between martial arts and yoga, and the synergy that existed between the two. He mentioned someone who had fused them - a martial arts and yoga hybrid. Just a short time later, completely by coincidence, I was speaking with the very man he spoke of, Sensei Damion Lupo.

All of our guests are different, if you've listened to more than a few episodes, you know that. I enjoy finding common ground with each of our guests, but I also really appreciate where we differ. It's these different perspectives that have the most to offer me, and I found a fair amount of that in my time with Sensei Lupo. With a foundation rooted in martial arts, he views the world - and all its parts - with an attention that few people seem to have.

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