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Mar 16, 2017

Miss Emily Beecham plays Minerva (aka The Widow) on the AMC Martial Arts show, Into The Badlands.

Miss Emily Beecham – Episode 170

I was blessed to have AMC approach us and inquire about interviews for both Miss Emily Beecham and Mr. Daniel Wu. Of course, we said yes, and did what we could to make schedules work (which, as you might imagine, was a bit difficult due to their extensive commitments.) It was an honor to speak with Miss Beecham, and we get some good insight into her character, Minerva, better known as The Widow.

We discuss what it’s like on set, her injuries, the way she views her character, and a lot more. It’s a fun conversation and one that gives you some great behind-the-scenes information into not only her life, but her character and the show overall.

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