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Apr 10, 2017

Sensei Jeremy Bays is a taekwondo practitioner with a diverse extracurricular background, an excellent sense of humor and a passion for archery.

Sensei Jeremy Bays - Episode 178

A belt was something to hold up your pants or tie your gi together. It wasn't really a big of a deal for me so I was a white belt for five, six, seven years. 

It's common to find a strong sense of humor among martial artists, especially those that teach. After all, what we've chosen to do for our recreation - and for some, career - is a bit crazy. Today's guest has as strong a sense of humor as we've had on this show.

Sensei Jeremy Bays doesn't sound like your typical guest on this show - which is exactly why I was glad to have him on. While most of our guests have diversified their lives within martial arts, studying different styles under different instructors, Sensei Bays studies different pursuits entirely. With time in as a bow-maker, a comedian, and a Pastor, you can imagine the wanderings that some of our conversations took.


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