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May 4, 2017


On this episode, Sensei Jaredd Wilson joins us to offer his top ten reasons why all martial artists should be reading martial arts books.

Top 10 Reasons to Read Martial Arts Books - Episode 185

Sensei Jaredd Wilson is now our top returning guest, as he comes back for a third installment. He reached out wanting to talk about martial arts books, something he feels strongly about. We fall down the rabbit hole and talk about the top 10 reasons why martial arts books are good for every martial artist.

You can find Sensei Wilson on his other two appearances, his interview and his participation in the chat on McDojos.

Books discussed today include Karate-Do: My Way of Life and Grand Master Jhoon Rhee 's book, Trutopia. We also mention Mr. Gershon Ben Keren 's episode.