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Jan 4, 2016

Master Ken & Mr. Matt Page - Episode 47

They beat the crap out of him, you know? Took his belt away. Foot stomped him, put cigarettes out on him. Threw him in the dumpster. And so I felt responsible, you know? Because I had given him the confidence too early. So I went to see him in the hospital, and I saw him laying there all beat up and broken. And that's when I demoted him.

Master KenToday we have a very different episode of Martial Arts Radio. Episode 47 marks our first interview of a fictional character, Master Ken, the beloved start of the breakout YouTube hit, Enter the Dojo. Our first portion of the episode is with the legendary founder of Ameri-Do-Te himself. Later, we're joined by Matt Page, the actor behind the character.whistlekick-sweatpants

If you're not familiar with the show, it's a biting, sarcastic and sometimes all-to-true portrayal of the traditional martial arts. If you're willing to laugh at the martial arts, and maybe a bit at yourself, you'll enjoy it. With over 150 thousand subscribers, Enter the Dojo may be one of the most successful martial arts-related independent productions of all time.

There are some surprises in this episode that I hope you'll enjoy. While I rarely spend much time with a guest before their appearance, there's usually a bit of pre-show. Master Ken, Mr. Page & I spent very little time in the pre-show, electing to just sort of let it happen. That was the right call, and I have to say, this episode was a blast. Enjoy. ~jeremy

Show Notes


Matt Page
Matt Page, the man behind Master Ken

Actor - Jean Claude Van Damme

Movies - Double Impact (Bolo Yeung Fight Scene), Bloodsport (Final Fight Scene)

Enter The Dojo Show website and on YouTube

Master Ken on Facebook, Instagram, TwitterIMDb or Schedule a Live Appearance

Ameri-Do-Te on Facebook

Matt Page on IMDb

If you've never watched the Enter the Dojo show, the video below is not a full episode, but a wonderful introduction to the creativity and sense of humor it brings.