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Jan 11, 2016

Cheyenne Lachapelle
Leave your problems at the door. Leave whatever you have that's wrong, whatever's going on that's inside you, that you're not sharing... leave it at the door.

Today we have Sije Cheyenne Lachapelle, a kung fu practitioner from Worcester, Massachusetts. Most of the guests on Martial Arts Radio are suggestions, and Sije Lachapelle is no exception. This time, however, the suggestion didn't come from a previous guest or a listener - but rather someone I went to school with. See, Sije Lachapelle and I have one major thing in common, and that's our university of choice. I'm a graduate of Clark University in Worcester where she now trains. Her competitive success led to some local publicity which then caught the eye of a friend. I reached out, we chatted, and that brings us to now.

Sije Lachapelle is one of the few Chinese martial arts stylists we've had on the show, and at least for now, is the youngest. As with many who start young in the martial arts, Sije Cheyenne Lachapelle carries with her a maturity and a confidence that are beyond her years. I enjoyed our conversation and found her passion for the martial arts very grounding, her insights compelling. What you won't hear in this conversation is our time after the recording ended - we talked for quite a while about martial arts, Worcester and life in general. We share a mutual admiration for another Worcester, MA martial artist, Shihan Wayne Mello. (In fact, it was Shihan Mello that was partly responsible for me attending school in Worcester. I was very excited at the prospect of training with him.)

Please enjoy the episode,
Your host - Jeremy Lesniak

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