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Feb 1, 2016


On today's episode we're joined by Sensei Andrea Harkins, a martial artist from Florida. Sensei Andrea, as she asked I call her, is an author and blogger that runs a martial arts school in Florida with her husband. Whereas most of our guests have been training since they were children, Sensei Andrea started in her 20s which gives her an entirely different perspective. She was great about sharing that perspective with us and offers up some excellent stories.

Sensei Andrea is an active writer, contributing articles to not only her own publications but also some very well-respected online magazines. Read on for the show notes below to see where you can find her writing. We'll be updating this page when her book does come out, so stay tuned.

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Show Notes

The Martial Arts Woman - Sensei Andrea's Website & Blog. Also the title of her upcoming book.

Andrea's professional and personal Facebook pages, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter accounts.

Sensei Andrea also writes for &

While we didn't get into it on the show, Sensei Andrea is also a noted public speaker and life coach. You can learn more about those aspects of her at her website.

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