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Jun 6, 2016

Today we get a chance to speak with Isshinryu karateka and founder of Veterans Martial Arts Training, Sensei Scott Lombardo. Veterans Martial Arts Training (V-MAT) is a free martial arts program for United State Military Veterans based in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. When we learned about the program, we knew it sounded like something we wanted to help promote, so we reached out to Sensei Lombardo immediately. Fortunately, he accepted our offer to appear on the show.

While we do spend some time talking about the organization, most of our time is spent getting to know Sensei Scott Lombardo and hearing his stories. A longtime martial artist practicing karate, Sensei Lombardo shares great stories about the ups and downs he’s experienced through his life, and he doesn’t hold anything back. We get a pretty good window into this man and what makes him tick. This episode runs the range of emotions and we hope you enjoy it. Thanks for listening.

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