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whistlekick Martial Arts Radio

Feb 10, 2020

Mr. Brian Lorence is a martial arts practitioner, instructor, and founder at the Lorence Martial Arts Studio in Wisconsin.

The good instructors out there are going to do everything they can to not make you feel that negative stuff. They are going to be all about helping you get back to. who you are as a martial artist.

Mr. Brian Lorence - Episode 474

It's not often that a teenager's going to choose martial arts over team sports in school. What was it that made Mr. Brian Lorence choose martial arts over his favorite sport? Fast forward to today, he has become a great inspiration to both younger and older martial artists through his Lorence Martial Arts Studio in Wisconsin. In this episode, Mr. Brian Lorence tells us the story of how he ended up teaching martial arts. Listen to find out more about his experience teaching young martial artists and more inspiring stories!

Show Notes

You can check out Mr. Brian Lorence's school here or like their page on Facebook

In this episode, we mentioned Episode 223 and the book From Chuck Norris to Karate Kid