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May 1, 2017

Sensei Phil Knight is a Karate practitioner from Yorkshire, England with a passion for so-called nerdy pursuits. We talk about the intersection of martial arts and martial arts culture in everything from movies and television to comic books.

Sensei Phil Knight - Episode 184

You can never be arrogant in any situation evolving martial arts, you really have to listen to people, try and judge what's going around you and may be even do a bit of research before you think upgrading about the club you are actually grading at.

Sensei Phil Knight comes to us from England, and we get into some great stuff. We talk about martial arts culture, including comic books and how they've had an effect on so many of us. Sensei Phil, as he asked me to call him, strikes me as a very thoughtful martial artist, and I think you'll agree with me. Let's welcome him to the show.

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