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whistlekick Martial Arts Radio

May 25, 2020

Kwang Jang Nim C.M. Griffin is a practitioner and instructor of the Korean art of Hwa Rang Do in Cincinnati, Ohio

You think you know but you don't, you can't do XYZ. Sometimes it's good to let the student put their head in the fire and get burned. Professor Powell used to say, pain is a wonderful teacher because you will not forget the pain and you will always remember the lesson it taught you.

Kwang Jang Nim C.M. Griffin - Episode 504

Watching the Green Hornet as a kid sounds normal, but for martial artists, it was a treat. Kwang Jang Nim C.M. Griffin first saw Bruce Lee's Cato and he started to have a passion for martial arts. Trained by his uncle, his journey to the martial arts is not the easiest as he only had the chance to train full-time later in his teen years. Kwang Jang Nim C.M. Griffin also had to return to a white belt in the same style wherein he is already a black belt. Later on, he made a career in Television and Movies using his skills in martial arts. If you think it's awesome, listen to this episode and learn more!

Show Notes

In this episode, we mentioned Teel James Glenn, Victor Moore, Moses Powell