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whistlekick Martial Arts Radio

Aug 15, 2016

We love guest suggestions from the audience. So when one of our listeners suggested Mr. Simon Scher as a guest, it didn't take long for us to realize we had been missing out in not inviting this impressive man on the show.

Once we realized he was only a few hours away from HQ, we ended up attending a Superfoot seminar together and even have some collaborations in the works. Mr. Scher is well known for his prolific social media releases, including photos and video of him kicking everything in sight. He's a kind and thoughtful man, with a great sense of humor.

Enjoy the episode and when you're done, check out some of his videos. They're well done and entertaining. While he does have a Taekwondo background, his instruction offers something for people of all arts. Personally, I've found Mr. Scher to be a great guy and I'm looking forward to more collaborations with him in the future. ~jeremy

Today's featured whistlekick product is our sparring helmet. Our helmet is much more flexible than other brands, which means it's more comfortable to wear. Adequate ventilation means less sweat, too. Check them out on our website.


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