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whistlekick Martial Arts Radio

Aug 29, 2016

Mr. Gershon Ben Keren is a Krav Maga instructor, author and school owner.

Mr. Gershon Gen Keren - Episode 114

It really doesn't matter how you solve that problem, whether you solve that problem by picking up an improvised weapon, whether you solve that problem through de-escalation or you solve it through disengagement.

Gershon Ben KerenFrequent listeners know that we try to bring on people from different martial arts. It's important to be a well-rounded martial artist, and part of that involves learning about the different perspectives that different martial artists have - especially those that train in less-common arts. While we've had a few guests on the show that trained in Krav Maga, none of them have defined themselves as Krav Maga practitioners. And until recently, I wasn't even aware of how old Krav Maga was. So, when Mr. Gershon Ben Keren came to my attention as Krav Maga practitioner who started training long before the current wave, he seemed the perfect candidate to have on the show.

While Mr. Ben Keren isn't here to represent Krav Maga, being the first person steeped in that art on the show carried a bit of responsibility with it. I was very honest with him of this, but also let him know that the episode was about him and not his chosen art. I think we both did a good job of placing him first but also giving you some information on the history of the style, which was important in giving you context for our guest.

I really enjoyed getting to know Mr. Ben Keren, and with his school only a few hours away, it's just a matter of time before I pop by for a visit. Let's welcome him to the show.

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