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whistlekick Martial Arts Radio

Sep 15, 2016

McDojos, and all that they mean to the martial arts community, are the topic of conversation today on our first-ever group chat.

Group Chat: McDojos - Episode 119

Today's episode is a bit different - it's our first group conversation. A few weeks ago, we were approached by Sensei Robert Ingram. Sensei Ingram is the man behind the McDojo Life brand. McDojo Life is a martial arts entertainment group that brings you humorous martial arts content. Most of their content is published through social media. McDojo Life has quite a large following, and for good reason - their stuff is funny!

We also brought back a past guest, whistlekick's good friend & host of the Martial Thoughts podcast, Sensei Jaredd Wilson. Jeremy joins the two of them to discuss McDojos, integrity in martial arts instruction and instructors and a lot more.

For those unfamiliar with the term, a McDojo is a derogatory term that refers to a martial arts school that doesn't live up to the standards others set. It's completely subjective, and we discuss that as part of the show. We had a great conversation and all three of us enjoyed the time together. If you like this format, please let us know and we'll look at doing more of them. Thanks for listening and have an amazing day! 

During the episode, we talked about Episode 69, our episode where we talk about martial arts instructors & integrity.

On today's episode, we reference the Redneck Jiu Jitsu YouTube Channel

For More Information on Sensei Ingram and McDojo Life

You can find McDojo Life on Instagram, YouTubeFacebook & Twitter. Soon, the website will be active.

For More Information on Sensei Jaredd Wilson and Martial Thoughts

You can find Sensei Jaredd Wilson on Episode 76, his previous podcast appearance.
You can find the Martial Thoughts podcast here, website.