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whistlekick Martial Arts Radio

Jun 29, 2015

Today's episode is with an amazing martial artist and a bit of a home-grown hero. Master LaPan isn't physically intimidating or aggressive, yet he's achieved tremendous success fighting across the globe. I can personally attest to his amazing footwork and dominance in the sparring ring. Yet, there's a lot more to this man than what he does in the ring and I was able to record him talking about it. I only knew Freddie (as he asked me to call him) a bit before we sat down for this episode, but I'd say I know him much better now.

His story exemplifies the notion of getting up when knocked down. With multiple joint replacements at a young age, Master LaPan persevered where most would have quit. He continues to train and teach, most recently starting a competition seminar series titled Ultimate Edge. I missed attending the last seinar due to a prior commitment, but I'm looking forward to getting my turn at training with this gifted martial artist.