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whistlekick Martial Arts Radio

Oct 31, 2016

Mr. Daniel Hartz - Episode 132

Daniel Hartz Earl Smith
Mr. Hartz just after having Sensei Smith demonstrate a choke. Wearing a NoSweat Tee.

You may recognize the name of today's guest from his appearance on Episode 100. Mr. Daniel Hartz was the interviewer for my episode of the show, and it's been an honor to have him back for his turn at the table. While there are no firm rules about who we have on the show, we generally only extend the invitation to black belts. Mr. Hartz recently earned his black belt at a weekend-long testing ceremony I was fortunate enough to participate in.

On today's episode, we learn a lot about not only Mr. Hartz, but about what it is that draws people to martial arts and keeps them there. As a recent black belt, Mr. Hartz doesn't have the decades of training many of our guests do, which gives him a different perspective on training. He's very open about himself and his love for the arts, which I suspect will resonate for most listeners. It certainly did for me.


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