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whistlekick Martial Arts Radio

Feb 23, 2017

We bring back two past guests that are passionate about martial arts competition - Master Huzon Alexander and Mr. Richard Osborn. We chat about what we're doing wrong - and right - in the current competitive landscape.

Conversations on Martial Arts Competition - Episode 164

On today's episode we discuss the following subjects and more:

  • What is the landscape of martial arts competition today?
  • What elements of martial arts competitions are we getting right?
  • Where could we improve with competitive martial arts?
  • How have things changed for the competitive martial art scene over the last few decades?

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You can find Master Huzon Alexander & Mr. Richard Osborn on their previous episodes, linked by their name.

We talk about two individuals we're hoping to have on the show soon - Mr. Ross Levine & Mr. Raymond Daniels.

For full show notes & other episodes, please visit: