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whistlekick Martial Arts Radio

Mar 20, 2017

Coach Greg Amundson is a practitioner of Aikido, Krav Maga & Jujitsu as well as a CrossFit athlete & coach, and author.

Coach Greg Amundson - Episode 172

"Being busy means we're at the mercy of other people. And being busy means that we're reactive. And being reactive is not the path of a warrior."

Coach Greg Amundson's professional resume reads like a modern day James Bond - CrossFit athlete, author, law enforcement, DEA special agent, fitness coach, business owner. That's not even the entire list. Even more impressive, many of those things happened at the same time, and quite a few are still happening. A legend in the CrossFit world, Coach Amundson has deep roots as a martial artist. Roots, according to him, that have given him the ability to live the life he now leads.

An amazing storyteller, Coach Greg Amundson took to our format and ran. Weaving together tales from his childhood, recent past and even appropriate legends he's been known to share in his classes. We discuss what it means to be a true warrior, and what the martial arts mind can accomplish. It was an honor and a privilege to speak with someone I've admired for a long time.


Today we want to remind everyone of all the things we offer - and why we do it. We've never been secretive about our business model, which is all about growing the martial arts industry. See, it's our belief that the more people participating in martial arts, the more customers we'll have. That's why we bring you this podcast, our Martial Arts Memes site and, most recently, Martial Arts Calendar - all for free. As our martial arts realm grows, we all benefit. Thanks for supporting that vision.