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whistlekick Martial Arts Radio

Apr 20, 2017

Hanshi Bruce Juchnik interviews Bill Wallace - aka Superfoot - at the 2017 Martial Arts Symposium in Manchester, NH.

Hanshi Bruce Juchnik Interviews Bill "Superfoot" Wallace - Episode 181

On Saturday, April 8th, we were fortunate enough to record Hanshi Bruce Juchnik as he reminisced and interviewed Grand Master Bill "Superfoot" Wallace during one of the breakout sessions. The conversation includes discussion on many of Bill Wallace's opponents and friends, including Skipper Mullins, Chuck Norris, Joe Lewis & a lot more.

Hanshi Bruce Juchnik knows a lot of the details of these stories and the two are able to have a great conversation. If you're a fan of the 60s and 70s martial arts era, this interview is right up your alley. There's a lot of wisdom shared in the interview, and you can tell the two men enjoyed their time and have a lot of respect for each other.

This was our first interview ever recorded with video, and while there are a lot of things we can do better, we're proud to bring it to you as is. Stick around until the very end for a special audio bonus of GM Bill Wallace teasing Jeremy.

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