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whistlekick Martial Arts Radio

May 15, 2017

Mr. Tristan Creeley - Mr. C - is a taekwondo martial arts instructor, competitor, filmmaker & artist from Maine.

Mr. Tristan Creeley - Episode 188

It won't work to have a positive state of mind.I can easily not have that kind of mind so I would say believe in yourself, cultivate that confidence has surround you with positive people and build resilience.

Mr. Tristan Creeley and I go back - way back. As teenagers growing up in Maine we were at the same tournaments, knew the same people, and I even competed against his brother a few times. I wouldn't say we were friends because we didn't know each other well, but I respected him a great deal.

Now with whistlekick I am again traveling to tournaments and seeing people I haven't seen in 20 years. Shortly after founding whistlekick, Mr. Creeley moved back to Maine and started showing up again at tournaments. Most impressive to me was that he refused to accept any physical limitations of age - he was constantly pushing his body and his technique, refining his form and adding new elements. It was a joy to watch him, whether it was his forms or his fighting. Now he's on the show, and we're having the longest conversation we've ever had. Enjoy.

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