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whistlekick Martial Arts Radio

Sep 7, 2015

I first met Sensei Dow during the planning stages of our Superfoot Seminar, with Bill "Superfoot" Wallace (who was on the show). Through that process I learned we had a lot of mutual martial arts friends and what a great martial artist he is.

Sensei Dow operates a martial arts and fitness studio in Manchester, NH that is also the official Northeast headquarters for Superfoot Systems - the kickboxing system created by Bill Wallace. Those are certainly big shoes to fill, but I can personally attest that if anyone can fill them, it's Sensei Dow.

As with all of our guests, though, it was more Sensei Dow's story that I wanted to hear. Sure, his relationship with Superfoot was a critical part of his life - but how did he meet him? What chain of events led him to where he is now? Well, we have the answers in this episode.

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