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whistlekick Martial Arts Radio

Sep 28, 2015

When we decided to launch this podcast, and it became clear I'd be the one hosting it, I had a few goals. First, I wanted our show to be something martial artists loved to listen to. Second, I wanted to bring on world-famous guests that would lend credibility to the show. Third, I wanted to interview my martial arts heroes. I can't promise we've done the first, but I can certainly say that the second and third goals have happened. The latest in that line of heroes is Shihan Christine Bannon-Rodrigues.

Shihan Bannon-Rodrigues is a legend in the martial arts world, having achieved every goal she set out for in the sport martial arts world. I remember her from the 90s, as a teenager on the competitive circuit. Everyone knew who she was, especially in New England. Some would refer to her by first name only, and everyone knew who she was.

Pardon my gushing here but it truly was an honor to speak to Shihan Chris, as she asked me to call her. We had a great chat and she was very open with her stories. Shihan Christine Bannon-Rodrigues is an incredible martial artist that has rounded out her resume with competition, instruction, acting, stunt work and choreography. I hope you enjoy listening to our conversation.


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