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whistlekick Martial Arts Radio

Feb 26, 2018

Mr. Paul Millholen is a Taekwondo practitioner and instructor from Connecticut.

For me, I was always able to, when I was teaching, just gonna hit that switch and you know, kinda take myself out of my own body for that hour forty five minutes... and just dedicated it to the students...

Mr. Paul Millholen - Episode 270

Our guest today appeared recently on one of our Thursday shows when we had a chat about martial arts camps, seminars, and other events. Yes, today we are joined by Mr. Paul Millholen who started his journey to the martial arts as a child. Like most children, Mr. Millholen set his attention to other sports, but unlike most children, he returned. Today, he’s a passionate instructor who cares a lot about the community that he serves. Listen to find out more about his story!