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whistlekick Martial Arts Radio

Apr 30, 2018

Master Tim Smith is a martial arts practitioner, instructor and an anti-bullying advocate based in Durango, Colorado.

I can always spot the one that I know who’s gonna make it to black belt and above. they have something a little bit different in their eyes. I think that they were destined to wear black belts on them. 

Master Tim Smith - Episode 288

How do we address the problem of bullying in the school and community if it’s considered a part of growing up? Master Smith was a shy kid with a speech problem who began a massive life transformation when he saw Bruce Lee’s Enter the Dragon. That movie became the beginning of his passion for the martial arts, and he hasn’t stopped training since. His personal experiences with bullying led him to start a bullying awareness program in his area. Like many of the best advocates, he took something that was originally a negative impact on his life and used that experience to better the lives of others. Listen to find out more!