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whistlekick Martial Arts Radio

May 28, 2018

Mr. John English is a martial arts practitioner and instructor from New Hampshire. He is the founder and instructor at KIMAC.

At that age, I wasn't thinking about a business failing. I was just thinking, I love this, this is my career, and it's gonna work...

Mr. John English - Episode 296

Getting into the martial arts for the most of us was our parents bringing us to the dojo or the school. However, Mr. John English's introduction to the arts had to be his own decision because of his fear of getting beat up when he goes to high school. As an overweight kid, martial arts hasn't only taught Mr. John English self-defense but he learned both a disciplined life and confidence in himself. Later on, Mr. John English founded a school that brought hardships in his life that taught him a lot both as an instructor and business owner. Today, Karate International Martial Arts Center is one of the top martial arts school in the state of New Hampshire. Listen to learn more!