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whistlekick Martial Arts Radio

Jun 7, 2018

On today's episode, Jeremy talks about one of the most important names in martial arts, founder of Judo, Jigoro Kano.

Jigoro Kano - Episode 299

Jigoro Kano's life's work and contribution to the martial arts is next to legendary. Kano Jigoro, in traditional Japanese, founded judo and made it the first martial art sport in the Olympics. Jigoro Kano is a loyal student that made him a successor to his master, therefore, cementing his name as one of the martial arts most important individuals. He was a member of the International Olympic Committee and other important organizations in the martial arts. Jigoro Kano was a multi-disciplined martial artist and jiujitsu was on his belt. Listen to this episode and find out more about the life and works of Jigoro Kano.