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whistlekick Martial Arts Radio

Jun 18, 2018

Kyosah Dennis Campo is a martial arts practitioner and a certified instructor by the Superfoot and Joe Lewis systems.

Everybody defines success a little bit differently. For me, it's not about making a grandiose living, It's about the impact I have on people.

Kyosah Dennis Campo - Episode 302

Most of us got inspiration to go into martial arts through the movies or to protect ourselves from bullies. Our guest today did not quite have a similar experience because according to him, he was forced into the martial arts and it was something he hated but never looked back since. Kyosah Dennis Campo holds a lot under his belt including certifications from the Superfoot and Joe Lewis systems. Kyosah Dennis Campo is the president and chief instructor at the Wisdom Way Martial Arts in New York. Kyosah Campo has an interesting journey into the martial arts and he is one of Joe Lewis' students that will surely continue his legacy for the future generation. Listen to learn more!