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whistlekick Martial Arts Radio

Jun 25, 2018

Master Nia Sanchez is a taekwondo practitioner based originally in California. She won the 2014 Miss USA pageant.

It goes to show just because you don't succeed at something the first time, it does not mean that you can't be successful. you just have to... work harder.

Master Nia Sanchez - Episode 304

In recent years, participation of women in the martial arts has been greatly encouraged and our guest today is one of the frontrunners in that advocacy. Master Nia Sanchez was brought by his father to the martial arts to make her a tough and independent woman who can manage her own when she comes out into the world. Good fathering right? From then on, her love for the martial arts has only grown that she was able to learn several disciplines and she even made it her advocacy to teach martial arts to women when she won the Miss USA 2014 pageant. Listen to learn more!