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whistlekick Martial Arts Radio

Aug 13, 2018

Kyoshi Jim King is a martial arts practitioner and instructor who innovated afterschool programs. He is the founder of Altamonte American Karate Academy in Florida.

My priority is not making money... My priority is teaching martial arts and giving good service and then the money comes. It works that way. I provide a service and I do it.

Kyoshi Jim King - Episode 318

Today's guest is a former professional dancer who worked at different shows in Las Vegas as well as in Europe. Kyoshi Jim King never took a break from the martial arts while he was dancing. He prefers not to use much of technology of today that makes him enjoy his life in an old-school way. Kyoshi King is a dedicated martial arts instructor as he made programs specifically for children after school, therefore, making him the forerunner of this system. Kyoshi Jim King has quite interesting stories to tell from his days he met his wife to his bouncing gig at nightclubs. Listen to find out more!