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whistlekick Martial Arts Radio

Aug 20, 2018

Mr. Paul Read is a martial arts practitioner and instructor, Tai Chi in particular. He is popularly known as the Teapot Monk. 

I failed in the black belt grading and I got completely beaten up in the freestyle session. I learned something really Interesting though... That it was through that loss, that failure, that not achieving what I thought I was going to achieve, that ultimately would turn out to be probably the most important lesson... 

Mr. Paul Read - Episode 320

Our guest today is a Tai Chi practitioner and instructor who's a self-confessed bookworm and the books he read eventually led him to discover martial arts. Mr. Paul Read, who comes from the UK, is also an author and online instructor of Tai Chi and he is more popularly known as the Teapot Monk. Mr. Read has deep insights into the martial arts and he shared some of his personal stories and his philosophy that will surely inspire everyone. Listen to find out more!