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whistlekick Martial Arts Radio

Oct 15, 2018

Sean Kinney is a martial arts practitioner and instructor. He is the author of the book series Karate Kids Collection.

...The culture of the martial arts is one of constant and continual personal improvement. Being surrounded by people that are looking to achieve their personal best, that are focused on putting positive things in their life...

Sean Kinney - Episode 336

It's not unusual to hear stories of martial artists leaving or taking a break from the martial arts. They would either not come back or pursue the martial arts to another level. Sean Kinney is the latter. Mr. Kinney left his training as a high school kid due to other sports and came back to training as a parent and his passion for the martial arts has only strengthened since then. Sean Kinney is a teacher who believes in including the family in the martial arts. He and his wife are authors of the Karate Kids Collection. Sean Kinney's journey is nothing but inspiring, listen to be inspired!