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whistlekick Martial Arts Radio

Oct 29, 2018

Mr. Tom Fazio is a martial arts practitioner and instructor of the Shaolin Rope Dart based in Vietnam.

I realized that martial arts had a lot more to do with life with a capital L than anything else...

Mr. Tom Fazio - Episode 340

Our guest today is one of those kids who started martial arts because of the intimidation they got from bullies. Mr. Tom Fazio described his childhood as a karate-kid-like that he wanted to get even with his bullies because he felt helpless. However, when he started the journey to the martial arts, his anger went away as he learned how to defend himself. Since then, he has trained on a number of countries including China. He is now producing training videos and now based in Vietnam. Mr. Tom Fazio has an interesting journey and you will surely be inspired. Listen to learn more!