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whistlekick Martial Arts Radio

Nov 19, 2018

Master Chris Natzke is a martial arts practitioner, instructor and a former national gold medallist from Colorado.

...He was just like your son when he came here five years ago, and that's where your son can be in five years. So you create this culture, right? Because you're not just developing great kickers and punchers, you're developing great human beings.

Master Chris Natzke - Episode 346

Not many of us came on a time where martial arts was not as popular as today that if you're a kid who wants to learn taekwondo or karate, its either there's no school in your area or all of the students are double your age. Master Chris Natzke is the latter because as a kid, his peers are all twenty-somethings. While he has a lot of awesome stories, one of the most notable was his time training with Bill "Superfoot" Wallace. You have to listen to find out more!