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whistlekick Martial Arts Radio

Dec 24, 2018

Kyoshi Herbie Bagwell is a martial arts practitioner, instructor and founder at the Bagwell Academy of Martial Arts.

Listen, you tell me something negative, I won't get mad at you. I'm gonna use that negativity as fuel to add onto my already passionate fire and I'm just going to just prove people wrong with my success.

Kyoshi Herbie Bagwell - Episode 356

A boxer turned martial artist, Kyoshi Herbie Bagwell has been training since he was a skinny kid. Kyoshi Bagwell was one of those kids who was blown away by Bruce Lee's Enter the Dragon which started his love story with the martial arts. In the course of his journey, Kyoshi Bagwell has trained with some of martial art's greats that would probably explain why he has a lot of medals and championships under his belt. Kyoshi Bagwell is the founder at the Bagwell Academy of Martial Arts in Connecticut. Kyoshi Herbie Bagwell shared an emotional time and a lot of fun and inspiring stories, listen to find out more!