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whistlekick Martial Arts Radio

Nov 23, 2015

I think the decision to join a school starts with the leadership, so the first style to evaluate is the teaching style of the instructor.

Mr. John Graden is nothing if not a well-known figure in the martial arts community. The founder of several martial arts associations, student under numerous legends and now best-selling author, Mr. Graden knows the martial arts at several levels. A revered consultant on martial arts business, Mr. Graden joins us today to give a glimpse into his martial arts path. Having trained with high-caliber martial artists like Walt Bone and Joe Lewis, you know he has great stories. Not only does he deliver them, but with a sense of humor, too. Throughout the conversation Mr. Graden is ready to challenge martial arts convention and make you think with his logical criticisms of some of the ideas many martial artists (myself included) hold dear. This is an episode you may well be listening to more than once.

Your host, Jeremy

Show Notes

Movies: Enter the Dragon (unavailable for streaming), Raging Bull (unavailable for streaming), Excalibur (unavailable for streaming) - Martial Arts Teacher's Association - Mr. Graden's personal website, including rare photos and links to his books

Mr. Graden mentioned the Batman/Green Hornet crossover episode. It's titled "A Piece of the Action" and was released in 1967. Here's a clip with some highlights from that episode.