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whistlekick Martial Arts Radio

Jan 21, 2019

Sensei Shaffee Bacchus is a martial arts practitioner and instructor. He is the chief instructor at Shinkendo Boston.

I think Gi or no Gi, I would have found martial arts in some way, shape or form...

Sensei Shaffee Bacchus - Episode 364

Many of us martial artists got our inspiration to go into the martial arts from the movies which include our guest today. Sensei Shaffee Bacchus has seen almost all kung fu movies every Saturday nights. However, there are almost no martial arts in his homeland and whenever he gets the opportunity to train, Sensei Bacchus would grab it despite his peers doing different things. Aside from martial arts, Sensei Bacchus is successful on his work on the medical field. Sensei Shaffee Bacchus has a lot of stories to tell so listen to find out more!