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whistlekick Martial Arts Radio

Nov 26, 2015

November 26th, 2015 - Episode 37

This episode has nothing to do with Thanksgiving.

Sparring Gear Helmet

  • We'll be interviewing the founder of the Kids Kicking Cancer organization mentioned on episode 35.
  • If you haven't checked out Episode 36 with Mr. John Graden, you should. Some of his points have a few people riled up which is creating great discussion.
  • Into the Badlands is out, and it's pretty good!

Today's featured product is the whistlekick Sparring Helmet. It's a more comfortable, longer-lasting take on the sparring helmets many of you are wearing.

“You may train for a long time, but if you merely move your hands and feet and jump up and down like a puppet, learning Karate is not very different from learning a dance. You will never have reached the heart of the matter; you will have failed to grasp the quintessence of Karate.” – Gichin Funakoshi

tai-chi-masterMovie of the week - Tai Chi Master starring Michelle Yeoh and Jet Li, available for streaming on Netflix.