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whistlekick Martial Arts Radio

Sep 30, 2019

Mr. James Wilks is a martial arts practitioner, trainer, and a former MMA fighter. Mr. Wilks is also a former winner in the Ultimate Fighter.

I really appreciate the challenge that martial arts has given me. I think it has made me a stronger person and allow me to take on more challenges in other areas. I mean, if you're used to getting punched in the face and kicked and knead, everything in life should be a little bit easier.

Mr. James Wilks - Episode 436

There were many martial artists who at first didn't like martial arts just because it was forced into them. Mr. James Wilks was one of those but later on, finds himself into martial arts and building a career in it. Mr. Wilks was a winner of the reality TV show, The Ultimate Fighter, and he continued his career in the UFC. However, he was forced to retire after a career-ending injury. Mr. James Wilks is also an advocate of the vegan lifestyle. Aside from that, he has a film about veganism called The Game Changers. If you are interested in Mr. James Wilks' story, listen to find out more!

Show Notes

You may find more about The Game Changers film here.