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whistlekick Martial Arts Radio

Nov 25, 2019

Miss Lauren Mary Kim is a martial arts practitioner who does stunt work for some of the great Hollywood action films such as Fast and Furious 7.

Everything was a rollercoaster. Once I've found martial arts, that kind of transformed things. I was able to learn about meditation and being still. Things now in my life are more constant. Things don't bother me as much as before.

Ms. Lauren Mary Kim - Episode 452

Having been in dancing made a better transition to martial arts. Miss Lauren Mary Kim has done tap dancing, ballet, and gymnastics among others which made it easy to unify her dancing skills with martial arts. Miss Kim started martial arts when she met a couple of stunt guys who train and she never looked back ever since. Today, she's an accomplished stuntwoman with a lot of films under her belt. She loves training with different martial arts which made it possible for her to train under Dan Inosanto. Miss Lauren Mary Kim trained with FMA, Taekwondo, and Capoeira among others. Listen to find out more!

Show Notes

In this episode, we mentioned Dan Inosanto, Bas Rutten, and the legendary Bruce Lee.