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whistlekick Martial Arts Radio

Dec 23, 2019

Mr. Philip Hartshorn is a martial arts practitioner, Star Wars aficionado, and YouTube creator at the PhilUp channel.

How do you expect to learn or why should you be able to learn one of the most ancient and most difficult, intricate types of movement that the body has ever achieved when you can't even eat in the right posture

Mr. Philip Hartshorn - Episode 460

Our guest today came to the martial arts in a very unique way. Unlike most who usually watched Bruce Lee, Mr. Philip Hartshorn was fascinated with the lightsaber fights in the original Star Wars trilogy. As a result, he first came to the martial arts through fencing and eventually finding his way to Kung Fu. Mr. Philip Hartshorn has a lot of things going on from being a YouTube content creator to being an adventurer, and training at a Shaolin temple in China, you name it. Listen to this episode and find out about the many things Mr. Hartshorn does!

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Show Notes

In this episode, we mentioned Bruce Lee

You may reach out to Mr. Philip Hartshorn through his Instagram. Like and subscribe to his YouTube channel and Twitch