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whistlekick Martial Arts Radio

May 18, 2020

Mr. Burton Richardson is a martial arts practitioner and instructor at the Jeet Kune Do Unlimited

There is a certain confidence that you might have had and all of a sudden you're questioning; this doesn't feel like it did in the dojo, what's going on here? There's this psychological process that we go through when we're suddenly confronted with an assault, sudden violence, and threats, usually our first thought is is this really happening?

Episode 502 - Mr. Burton Richardson

When you say you will do martial arts for a year before college, others won't last and others will do it for life. Mr. Burton Richardson did the latter. Mr. Richardson, whose favorite TV character is Kato, trained in martial arts as opposed to studying his pre-med course. He both trained with Guro Dan Inosanto and trains others himself as well. Being abducted as a kid, Mr. Burt Richardson has a deep and personal motivation in teaching martial arts and self-defense. Listen to find out more about Mr. Burt Richardson.

Show Notes

In this episode, wee mentioned Guro Dan Inosanto and Bill "Superfoot" Wallace