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whistlekick Martial Arts Radio

Jun 29, 2020

Mr. Jon Hurwitz is an actor, film director, producer, and part of the cast of the legendary movie, The Karate Kid 

When there's that many people who loves  something, a movie like karate kid, you're going to watch it over and over gain over the years, it's ingrained in your life in a major way and you think about it in all sorts of different ways. So it's not surprising that many people across the world would have examined the Karate Kid and thought about it in a different kind of way.

Mr. Jon Hurwitz - Episode 514

Our guest today needs no introduction because most of you might know him already. Mr. Jon Hurwitz is part of the legendary film The Karate Kid. Mr. Hurwitz, aside from being an actor, is a director, producer, and writer of some famous comedy films like Harold and Kumar, American Reunion, and more. Presently, he is part of the "sequel" of The Karate Kid that is shown on Youtube Premium, Cobra Kai. Liste now to learn more about Karate Kid and Mr. Jon Hurwitz's journey.

Show Notes

You can check out Mr. Jon Hurwitz's IMDB page and the Karate Kid episode here