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whistlekick Martial Arts Radio

Jul 20, 2020

Kaiden Gad is a martial artist and a sword instructor who help founded the Western Circle of Sword Fighters in California.

I wanna say that I perhaps had the best dojo in the world. Because living in Connecticut, I had a beach, mountains, forest open area, places to climb and jump, balance, train. We used everything like it was our dojo, everything that we could.

Kaiden Gad - Episode 520

Love to fight may not be the usual reason why a kid joins martial arts but however, Kaiden Gad love to win made him better at it. When he saw his first sword, Kaiden Gad fell in love instantly which he describes as magical. Later on, when he moved to California, Kaiden Gad helped found the Western Circle of Sword Fighters which is born out of the desire to enter into sword competitions and for a truly new full contact Kenjutsu form. Listen as we talk about Kaiden Gad's journey and how his hometown helped him become the martial artist he is today.

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Show Notes

You may check out the Western Circle of Sword Fighters, as well as his novel The Curse of Raven's Rose Keep on Amazon.