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whistlekick Martial Arts Radio

Apr 12, 2021

Mr. Matt Hoffman is a Martial Arts practitioner and teacher at the Wandering Ministry.

I think understanding violence not as something that is just a punch and a kick, but actually everything else that leads up to the violence. The way we speak to each other, the way we hold our bodies infront of each other, the way that we orient ourselves to relationships. These are actually what leads to violence.

Mr. Matt Hoffman - Episode 596

There are few martial artists that are willing to go as far as the source of their discipline. Mr. Matt Hoffman developed a passion for martial arts as a young kid which gave him an opportunity to travel and train overseas. As a self-confessed ‘nomad’, Mr. Hoffman has been on a couple of trips to China and Japan to study where some of the martial arts disciplines were from. There’s a lot to unpack in this episode from his journey to the martial arts to his take on violence so, make sure to listen to find out more!

Show Notes

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