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whistlekick Martial Arts Radio

Apr 19, 2021

Sensei Seth Adams is a Martial Arts content creator, practitioner, and instructor who teaches in North Carolina.

There’s so many people who I took Karate with as a kid that reached out to me now that said, “Man, I wish I would’ve stuck with it, I wish I would’ve just kept doing it”. Once you reached that age, you are kind of heavily influenced by your peers and their thoughts, and then once you become an adult, you realized that none of it matters… And you just wish you just kept doing Karate.

Sensei Seth Adams - Episode 598

Having good memories of your training in martial arts makes it so easy to come back to it. Sensei Seth Adams got out of training when he played college football, and returning to training came naturally. In this episode, Sensei Seth Adams tells us his journey how he started training with a memory of watching martial arts movies as a child, getting out of it to pursue his own thing, and then coming back again. This is a fun-filled, pun-filled, joke-filled episode so make sure to listen!

Show Notes

You may find out more about Sensei Seth Adams on Instagram and Youtube

Sensei Seth Adams has a website that you can visit here where he provides online courses for martial arts