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whistlekick Martial Arts Radio

Jun 28, 2021

Shihan Kendall Buhl is a Martial Arts Practitioner and instructor. He is the founder of the Dojo, Salisbury, Massachusetts.

I’ve always said to my students, to be a martial artist, in particular if you aspire to black belt excellence, what that means is that you should be a person who could move forward under any circumstances…

Shihan Kendall Buhl - Episode 618

After a decade of being persistent to train in martial arts, Shihan Kendall Buhl found stillness and focus as a young man who has ADHD. From there, Shihan Kendall Buhl never looked back. Having lived in Asian countries such as China, Taiwan, as well as Hong Kong, Shihan Buhl did not waste any chance to train there. Armed with skills such as Shaolin Kempo, Shihan Buhl comes back to the USA, and later on founded The Dojo with her wife in Salisbury, Massachusetts. Listen to this episode to hear more of Shihan Kendall Buhl’s journey.