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whistlekick Martial Arts Radio

Jul 12, 2021

Mr. Steve Grogan is a Martial Arts practitioner and instructor at the Geek Wing Chun Inc.

Martial Arts as a whole don’t have an end game. It’s not like you can say “Oh well, I’m good enough” and then you stop training. So, that is an ever-expanding infinite ocean of possibility.

Mr. Steve Grogan - Episode 622

Mr. Steve Grogan has a unique relationship with Martial Arts. He has a deep affinity for teaching Martial Arts which started when he started learning Martial Arts. Presently, Mr. Grogan runs a YouTube channel where people who want to learn martial arts for free. Mr. Grogan also runs a company called Geek Wing Chun Inc. where he provides home-based training courses for those who want to get mack training in Wing Chun, especially in the Pandemic. Listen as Mr. Steve Grogan tells the “why” on his passion for Martial Arts.

Show Notes

You can find out more about Mr. Steve Grogan’s online Wing Chun course on their website at