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whistlekick Martial Arts Radio

Sep 13, 2021

Grandmaster Cynthia Rothrock is a Martial Arts practitioner and actress. She is dubbed as the “Queen of Martial Arts Films.”

I looked at him and I said… You could probably find 50 twenty-year-olds but how many of my age can you see doing what I’m doing? And then the didn’t say anything… And I said, that’s why you’re not making money on any of your movies.

Grandmaster Cynthia Rothrock - Episode 640

For many of us here, our guest today needs no introduction. She is a high-level competitor, world champion, and actress with over 60 films under her belt. Grandmaster Cynthia Rothrock is an inspiration to women in martial arts. With over 100 competitions, Grandmaster Rothrock holds the undefeated worldwide record in martial arts Forms competition and weapons competition until she retired and ventured into making films.

In this episode, Grand Master Cynthia Rothrock talks about her beginnings and journey into the Martial Arts. Listen in and join the conversation!

Show Notes

Check out Grandmaster Cynthia Rothrock’s website at