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whistlekick Martial Arts Radio

Sep 27, 2021

Sensei Angel Lemus is a martial arts practitioner, publisher, and instructor in various dojos such as Zenseikai Karate Kobujitsu Renmei in Hawaii.

Doing a solo form, you really do need to have somebody explain it to you because they're very deceptive. It's like seeing a painting. But then, when you try to paint and you don't know how to paint, it's going to look really bad...

Sensei Angel Lemus - Episode 644

Being insecure is one of the greatest challenges that we encounter as we grow up. Sensei Angel Lemus, on the other hand, didn't let that stop him from pursuing a career in martial arts. Instead, he converted it into a source of fascination, and he involved himself in various martial arts experiences such as Judo and Kata. As a result of this, he gained confidence and made his way through Martial Arts. 

In this episode, Sensei Angel Lemus shares his Martial Arts journey that started from hesitation to training with different groups and how he didn’t settle with half-answers or half-truths. Listen and join the conversation! 

Show Notes

Check out Sensei Angel Lemus’ magazine at and his YouTube Channel: Oneminutebunkai

You may also check out Sensei Lemus at these websites:,,